Reports by Environmental Science 205 students

Assessment of Sediment Quality in Stoney Creek Tributary 3a and its Suitability for Salmon Spawning Lily Ng, Darian Pender, Danelle Sidor & Byron Vallis. View

Comparison of Water Quality for Salmonid Spawners between Undisturbed and Restored Riparian Sites Meghan Bonnell, Nikolai Karpun, Sicily Oldenberg, Kenneth Watson, Eugene Yau. View

Effects of Culverts on Water Quality and Salmon By: Boyetchko, R., Chen, E., Dillon, R., Hansen, K., and Irlam, C. [download PDF here]

An Assessment of the Effects of Salinity from Ice Melt on Benthic Invertebrates in Tributary 3A of Stoney Creek Ben Russell, Cherry Fan, Victor Lung, Dylan Chow [download PDF here]

Ground beetles (Carabidae:Coleoptera) as biological indicators: Determining the efficacy of ground beetle community analysis as a method of rapid site assessment for the Stoney Creek riparian zone Genevieve Linsday, Amber Burnett, Taylor Ockerman, Stephanie Brettell [download PDF here]

Quantification and Comparison of Erosion Levels in Stoney Creek, British Columbia. April Lee, Ting Ting Lee, Kendra Munn, and QiaoXin (Maggie) Peng [download PDF here]

Competition in the Stoney Creek Watershed: the effect of Himalayan Blackberry (Rubus armeniacus) and English Ivy (Hedera helix) on Salmonberry (Rubus spectabilis) Kayleigh Gillespie, Jessie Russell, Kathryn Ryan, Leah Walker [download PDF here]

Assessment of shade loss due to impact of English Ivy (Hedera helix): How it can affect stream temperature and local salmon populations of Stoney Creek, Burnaby, BC Kimberley Geeves, Ryan Jaeger, Robyn Lakes, Maryssa Muelaner, & Bill Woods [download PDF here]
Residents’ perceptions on the trustworthiness of sources and their preference of media in obtaining information on watershed management issues Albert Xiong, Carson Li, Deven Azevedo, Drew Harrison [download PDF here]

A Comparative Analysis of Salinity Levels in Stoney Creek and the Potential Implications on Native Salmonids D. Z. X. Tan [download PDF here]

Impact of Off-Channel Pond on Stream Water Quality in a Salmon Spawning Habitat Karina Lam, Caryl Bolla, Patty Pan, Lara Gnasienco [download PDF here]

In 2013, Simon Fraser University began Environmental Sciences 205 course, Methods in Environmental Science.  The students used Stoney Creek as their outdoor laboratory. Those 2013 student reports and videos about stream-keeping on Stoney Creek are on SFU’s Summit repository. Here are the reports for the 2014 class: