Get Involved

The SCEC is made up of a small group of core volunteers and we can always benefit from outside talent joining us!

Becoming involved with the SCEC helps build our community, provides an avenue for people to stay connected to nature right in their own backyards, and foremost helps with the person power we need to continue our work to preserve and enhance Stoney Creek.

There are lots of ways for people to get involved, and we’d love to meet you.



Membership is a simple way to support the SCEC.

Membership helps us to cover insurance costs for those taking part in hands-on activities on the creek. But also, being able to demonstrate a strong membership goes a long way to help the SCEC’s secure project funding.

To become a member, please fill in and print the form below, then mail it with a cheque in the appropriate amount to:

Stoney Creek Environment Committee
PO Box 56522 Lougheed Mall PO
Burnaby BC, V3J 7W2

(Or just come to a meeting or activity and join then.)

Annual membership dues

Family $30; Individual $20; Student $10


To become a Volunteer, please also join us as a Member.

To become a volunteer, please complete the questionnaire at the bottom of this page – it will help us get to know you and what you’re interested in!

On-the-Creek Activities – This is where we shine!

If you like to get your hands dirty – this is the area for  you!

See our Our Activities page for more info on our activities and when they generally come up.

To see what we have on schedule, check out the Calendar.

Or, if we haven’t scheduled something you’re interested in, Contact Us to see if we can get it organized.

Get Involved at a Deeper Level

Our core group consists of elected positions: Chair, Secretary, and Treasurer, as well as members-at-large. However, our members are all welcome to attend the monthly General Meetings, where we discuss things like new and ongoing issues, funding opportunities, and project and activities schedules.

There are plenty of opportunities to get involved in a meaningful way with the SCEC. Aspects such as education and advocacy, scientific technical, website, social media, volunteer management, and so much more that we would like to do, is often limited by the availability of our core group. Let us know where you could fit in and we can work together to get the ball rolling in so many new and exciting ways.


General Meetings

General Meetings are held every first Thursday of the month at 7 p.m. at the Jennifer Atchison Environmental Centre:  2730 Beaverbrook Crescent, on the north end of the Stoney Creek Community School grounds.

By getting involved at meetings, you’ll learn how we are structured, the types of events and activities we coordinate and run, and the partner groups that help us along the way.

If you would like to discuss something, please have it added to the agenda.

Bring your ideas, or just come to see what we’re about!

Membership application

[Volunteer Interest Questionnaire] coming soon