Pablo Vimos receives Burnaby’s Environmental Star Award

At the Environmental Awards ceremony on Sunday, June 8, Pablo Vimos received a well-deserved Environmental Star Award for his volunteer work with Stoney Creek and the Burnaby Mountain Organic Garden.


Councilor Dan Johnston giving an environmental Star award to Pablo

Here is his acceptance speech:


Pablo’s acceptance speech

I would like to thank the City of Burnaby and the Environmental Committee 
for awarding me this Environmental Star for Community Stewardship. 

Anyone working on environmental issues will be able to tell you that your 
achievements will be limited as an individual, but when working together 
with other residents or various organizations, much more can be achieved. 
Volunteering with the SCEC, we have been able to link up successfully 
with the City of Burnaby, Burnaby Parks and Recreation, Simon Fraser 
University and many other organizations to tackle some of the 
conservation challenges Stoney Creek is facing. And thanks to the Great 
Salmon Send-Off that SCEC organizes each year, we are able to reach more 
Burnaby Residents.

I live on top of Burnaby Mountain, at this award-winning development in 
terms of sustainable building and environmental management. While 
initially all environmental initiatives were directed by the SFU 
Community Trust, I have set up a residence association and residents 
started initiating their own environmental projects such as the school 
and community garden and environmental mural. Again, this has only been 
possible through the collaboration of residents with SFU Community Trust, 
the City of Burnaby, Burnaby Parks and Recreation, the Burnaby school 
district and SFU Facility Services.

It is good to see that some of the other organizations I have worked with 
over the years such as Burnaby School district, Simon Fraser University 
Facilities Services are also being recognized for their environmental 
contributions today. I hope that in the years to come, we will be able to 
reinforce our collaborative efforts to further increase environmental 
initiatives in our community.

Thank You.
Pablo and the other recipients.

Pablo and the other recipients.