Stoney Creek Volunteers are Amazing!

The Team! Group photo – K. Ronka, two individual waterers – W. Snyder

Twenty three amazing individuals contributed 85.5 combined volunteer hours during the months of July and August 2017.  Their task – watering the native plantings in the Stoney Creek Forest.

A huge thank you to the following volunteers who helped keep our plantings alive during this dry, hot summer: Alan R, Angela L, Annette M, Amanda J, David Z, Danika C, Danielle M, Eric P, Fiona L, Helen G, Karen R, John T, Kathy L, Lucy L, Nancy Y, Randy S, Sandy K, Sam B, Sharon R, Maureen T, Wendy Sn, Wendy St, and Michelle L

These plants are already making a difference for the wildlife.  Way to go team!