Our ability to protect the Stoney Creek Watershed relies heavily on our volunteers who are involved in activities throughout the year.

SCEC members take on a variety of streamkeeping activities year-round and we encourage both members and non-members alike to explore our activities (below), check out our Calendar, and Get Involved!

Bat Monitoring

Bat boxes have been installed to provide a home and “nursery” for future bat populations and these are being monitored for activity year-round.

Photo by Alan James

Bird Surveys

Bird surveys are conducted throughout the year to help us assess the overall health of the watershed: location, species, number, gender, sex, activity, etc.

Habitat Restoration

From time to time various sections of the creek and its tributaries require restoration to prevent streambank erosion, enhance the migration of salmon, etc.

Invasive Plant Removal

During spring/summer invasive plant species are removed to reduce their impact and provide space for native plants to grow.

Invertebrate Surveys

Invertebrate surveys are conducted in spring/summer to monitor the health of the creek; measuring the presence, absence and abundance of species, habitat issues can be detected.

Juvenile Fish Trapping

Fish trapping occurs in spring/summer to monitor the health of young salmon and smaller species; the species, number and size of fish are recorded.

Native Plant Restoration

Planting of native species usually takes place in the fall; these plants provide ideal habitat for birds and animals and also shade/shelter for the creek.

Spawning Salmon Counts

Spawning salmon are counted regularly from mid-September through December to identify the number and species of fish returning to the creek.

Streambank Clean-ups

Debris and dumped garbage are removed from the creek in spring/summer to restore the creek and facilitate fish migration.

Storm Drain Marking

Fish are painted beside storm drains in urban neighbourhoods in spring through fall to raise awareness that they are connected to urban streams.

Water Quality Testing

Testing takes place year-round to identify sources of stream pollution and evaluate changes in water quality over time; temperature, pH levels and conductivity are recorded.

Other Activities

Throughout the year, SCEC members are also involved in:

  • Advocacy—through relationships with all levels of government, other stakeholders, etc.
  • Education—through stream bank walks, school workshops, etc.
  • Fundraising—through relationships with community and corporate partners and sponsors, grant applications, etc.
  • Raising Awareness—through media articles, participation in environmental events, etc.
  • Special Projects—through various opportunities or situations that arise in the local area.
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