Bat Monitoring

Two bat boxes were installed in early 2019 in close proximity to Stoney Creek as well as a small maternity box. These boxes were designed and built by bat expert Kiyoshi Takahashi, who is a member of SCEC and they were installed by Burnaby City staff. The bat houses are being monitored on a regular basis for signs of habitation – sometimes it takes a little while for bats to adopt a new home. There are two species of bats in the area – the ____ and the ____. From time to time a group of volunteers surveys the area for signs of life in the boxes and the general presence of bats.

What you can expect to see and hear

We don’t publicize the location of the boxes to protect them from disturbance but you will find out where they are located and what to look for. Surveys take place at dusk as this is the best time for viewing the bats.

There are opportunities to learn from our leaders more about bats – for example, how to identify each species and their preferred habitat, sometimes through a nature walk in the area and occasionally through a scheduled workshop.

Further information …

White nose syndrome and reporting bat encounters


Wendy and Kiyoshi



From time to time throughout the year

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