A Precious Jewell in Your Midst

A Precious Jewell in Your Midst

Breathe in … breathe out … you are about to enter the magical world of Stoney Creek—a precious jewel in the midst of Burnaby—just steps away from the bustling residential area of Lougheed Town Center.

Turn that cell phone off—and instead—for a few brief moments, open your eyes to the wonders around you and tune your ears into the sounds of the forest. Look up. Look down. Get down—see, I mean really see … Shhhhh … listen … do you hear them? “chickadee dee dee … chickadee dee dee”—“zreeee … zreeee”—“vreep … vreep” The sounds of the forest are all around you. Enjoy the rhythm of this life—un-rushed … refocus.

Forest Friends

The plants are your friends. As you walk by them in the forest greet them by name. This will help you remember them. Rub the leaves of an elderberry and you smell peanut butter, a herb Robert geranium – nuts and a swamp or stink current’s – currents. Who...

Come Walk With Us

The forest wraps its leafy arms around us as we descend the 19 steps, from Beaverbook Cr. and Beaverbrook Dr., to the gravel path below on this 24th of April. Mmmmm …. it smells different down here – so fresh after the heavy rain of last night – moist earth...

Spring is Popping Out All Over!

Ahhhh, what a glorious first day of spring this March 20th is. A symphony of bird songs tickles our ears as we walk past puddles topped with a thin skin of ice, reminding us that winter is reluctant to let go, even though signs of spring are popping out all over. Do...