Date:  Nov. 19, 2016 – 9 am to 12 noon
Target:  English Ivy – a killer in disguise
Alias:  Hedera Helix

M.O.:  Slithers up tree trunks and drapes itself over branches.  Think deadly, heavy snake of the forest.  the weight of this beast can actually topple large trees.

Battle Plan:  Grab a pair of lethal clippers, or pruning saw, and snip that invader at ground level.  All top growth will eventually  die.  If you can remove the root system, without hurting the tree, go for it.  Deposit into green waste bags for extermination.

8 volunteers from the Stoney Creek Environment Committee
3 hours
15 bags of invasive plant material removed from the forest
Way to go troops!

Sargent General in charge:  K. Leko
Call to Action:  Enlist now.  Fresh weed patrol soldiers needed.  Email
Membership Fees for the Stoney Creek Environment Committee: $20 for individuals – $30 for a family