Other Activities


Advocacy for the Stoney Creek Watershed takes a variety of forms, including:

  • Biannual Stoney Creek Environment Working Group meetings—with representatives from the Cities of Burnaby and Coquitlam, Department of Fisheries and Oceans, Metro Vancouver and local stakeholders such as BC Hydro and Fortis, to discuss issues of common interest
  • Biannual Adaptive Stormwater Management meetings—with representatives from SFU, SFU Community Trust and the City of Burnaby, regarding development of Burnaby Mountain and other issues affecting the Watershed such as winter salt distribution
  • Liaison with all levels of government, including Terry Beech, MP for Burnaby North-Seymour, Katrina Chen, MLA for Burnaby-Lougheed, Mike Hurley, Mayor of Burnaby as well as City Councillors and staff, our Department of Fisheries and Oceans Community Advisor, representatives from Metro Vancouver, etc.
  • Representation at various meetings regarding new infrastructures that may impact the Watershed, such as the Fortis gas pipeline replacement, BC Hydro’s substation upgrade, the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion, Translink’s planned gondola to SFU, etc.
Representatives: John T, Alan J & others
Contact: info@scec.ca
Timing: Meetings usually occur during the day at various times of the year


Representatives: Alan J, John T & others
Contact: info@scec.ca
Timing: Activities usually occur during the day at various times of the year



SCEC engages with students of all ages, from elementary through post-secondary. ‘Classes’ are tailored to meet the needs of each particular group and can take the form of classroom activities, slide shows or lectures, and often incorporate a stream bank walk so participants can experience the watershed, observe the fish whenever possible, and see wildlife, birds and plants in the area. In addition, we work with student groups who wish to study specific aspects of the watershed, taking them on tours and providing data and other information. In 2020, we worked with students from BCIT who prepared a report on their recommendations for restoring an area of Tributary 3A which was suffering from erosion.

From time to time we also invite members of all levels of government, community partners and corporate stakeholders on a guided tour of the watershed so they, too, can experience first-hand the work that we are doing and the impact on the environment.


Like any organization, we require funds in order to operate effectively. We receive a small annual grant from DFO and our other general funding source is from membership fees, much of which goes to cover liability insurance and our membership in BC Nature. If we want to undertake more adventurous projects, we have to raise the funds to do so.

We have therefore developed relationships with community and corporate partners who undertake to fund specific projects or events. For special projects, we have successfully applied for grants from various organizations including the Pacific Salmon Foundation, the Fish and Wildlife Compensation Program and TD Friends of the Environment.

Representatives: Members of the SCEC Executive
Contact: info@scec.ca
Timing: As required throughout the year


Media Relations: John T
Events: Alan J
Contact: info@scec.ca
Timing: year-round as required


Raising Awareness

Raising awareness about the Stoney Creek Watershed is achieved through various Advocacy meetings, Education programs, and through our relationships with Community and Corporate Partners. In addition to these, it also involves:

  • Media Relations—Speaking to reporters from TV, radio and print media to raise concerns regarding the impact of corporate, government and community decisions on the fish, wildlife, birds and plant species of the Stoney Creek Watershed, to raise public awareness of the Watershed and it’s inhabitants, as well as to seek publicity for project successes and events.
  • Events—Participating in events such as Rivers Day, Wild About Burnaby Lake, etc., along with other streamkeepers. We set up a booth with information and activities to educate the public about streamkeeping. The biggest event we are involved in each year is our own Great Salmon Send-Off.

Special Projects

From time to time SCEC takes on specific projects that are necessary or of concern such as:

  • Road Salt and Salmon —Stoney Creek has been impacted by road salt contamination since the mid-1980s when Simon Fraser University built a salt storage shed on the south slope of Burnaby Mountain …
    More recently, we have undertaken a new project to investigate the impacts of salt on salmon-bearing streams over a wider area – our Road Salt and Salmon Project.
  • Sewage Discharge Project—Due to the efforts of a local resident, it became apparent that during heavy rains, sewage was bubbling out of storm drains in the North Road area …
Project Leader(s):
—Road Salt: Alan J
—Sewage: George K
Contact: info@scec.ca
—Road Salt: 2021-2022
—Sewage: Ongoing