On Saturday afternoon, June 11, twelve Stoney Creek weed warriors attacked two areas along Stoney Creek near Rathburn and North Road.

The weather was with us!

Setting up. Photo by Faye J

The team worked hard uncovering native plants from the thick cover of ivy, touch-me-nots and yellow lamium.

Freeing a tree from the grasp of English Ivy. The entire log was covered with ivy before we started working. We don’t need to remove all the ivy from the tree trunk. Just clipping it at the bottom will cause the ivy to die all the way up the trunk. We do remove the roots at ground level.

Photo by Helen M

Hard at work transporting a big ball of ivy to dump spot.

Photo by Annette M

The above sloped area is mainly covered with yellow lamium and touch-me-nots. Lamium is a popular plant found in hanging baskets. It usually finds its way into natural areas when people dump their garden waste instead of disposing of it properly in their green bin.

Photo — Heikal B

Above is the sloped area after our team cleaned it of invasive plants.

Photo — Marci T

Snack time!

Photo by Valerie F

Photo by Marci T

Photo by Marci T

Thank you to Stoney Creek Team members: Sharon R, Juliana L, Annette M, Heikal B, Valerie F, Karen R, Zach M, Faye J, Marcia T, Maureen M, Helen M


Team Leader: Wendy S

Team Stoney Creek cleaned up an area approximately 150 square meters.

Photo by Marci T

Photo by Marcy T

Twelve bags of green waste and one HUGE pile of ivy was left for the City of Burnaby to pick up.

Photo by Heikal B

(before cleaning) The second spot we cleaned was a flat area along the creek.

Photo by Heikal B

(after cleaning) As the forest floor was being uncovered, we could see that there were indeed some native plants struggling to survive.

Next Pull Event: Saturday, June 25, near Beaverbrook Drive and Beaverbrook Crescent – 2 – 4 pm. Bring garden gloves and a small stool if you want to sit. Area will be flat. We will be attacking touch-me-nots. Very easy pulling. We would love to have you join us!

Registration required. Email plants@scec.ca