Slosh, slosh, squish, squish
Oh what fun our birding is!

Boots, umbrella, plastic bags
Rushing creek and foggy eyes

Dripping hair and soggy pages
We’re recording for the ages

8 degrees – the weathers fine
Puddle jumping – so divine

Whirlpool in the ditch at side
Muddy foot prints left behind

Male mallard to the right
Swimming in the grass so bright

Four crazy birders on the loose
12 species including one fat goose

Ninety nine the final count
Why stay in?
Come on out!

Date: Jan 24, 2015 Saturday – 9:30 am – 11:30 am
Location: Eastlake Trail – Stoney Creek Burnaby
4 waterlogged birders
12 species seen
99 individual birds counted
8 degrees – starting temperature at 9:35 am
Dripped off and filled up with lunch at the Golden Pita – Yum!
Over a week for waterlogged bird book to dry out!

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