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‘You can witness our mature salmon runs returning to Stoney Creek. It is truly amazing to see this small creek full of large fish completing a natural cycle that takes place so close to home! It just takes the first heavy rains of the fall to bring up the water level, which provides a signal for the fish to return, to spawn the next generation. We follow the protocol set out in the Streamkeepers Handbook.

Six salmon species can be found in Stoney Creek: Chum, Coho, Pink, Steelhead, and both resident and sea-run (anadromous) Cutthroat trout. Our fall surveys generally target the returns of Chum, Coho, and Pink salmon.

Salmon are particularly good indicators of stream health because they require good water quality and habitat conditions for survival. Monitoring the return and successful spawning of salmon every year helps the SCEC to maintain an overall idea of the health of the Stoney Creek ecosystem.


First to arrive are the Chum, usually by the middle of October, then followed by the Coho. A good location to view the spawning fish and an identification chart can be found on our Spawner Viewing Map and ID Chart.

What you can expect to see and hear

Walks are conducted from the lower reaches of Stoney Creek (the other side of Lougheed Highway) to the upper reaches (past the Broadway Connector) usually on alternate Saturday and Sunday mornings during the spawning season. Volunteers walk the creek, some wading in the creek in more inaccessible places (with suitable footwear!) and the fish are counted in each section.

Further Information …

Aquatic Life History of Stoney Creek and historical chum, coho and pink returns


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Usually from mid-September through December

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