Storm Drain Marking

Storm drain marking is a conservation and education project developed by Fisheries and Oceans Canada. Storm drains are not part of the sanitary sewer system; rainwater, herbicides sprayed on lawns, soapy water from washing vehicles and other run-offs can go directly into the drains and then into local creeks, some of which contain fish stocks.

Volunteers paint yellow fish adjacent to storm drains in local neighbourhoods to raise awareness that the storm drains empty into to urban streams. Leaflets are also distributed to local households to explain the program and the impact of spillages on fish populations in the streams:

  • household hazardous wastes need to be disposed of correctly – everything that empties into a storm drain eventually ends up in fish and wildlife habitat
  • pool and hot tub water should be emptied slowly into the ground.
  • products should be recycled wherever possible.

What you can expect to see and hear

We have a storm drain kit consisting of stencils, paint, brushes and leaflets, and volunteers can target one specific neighbourhood at a time.

If you are interested in ‘adopting’ a neighbourhood for this purpose, please contact us and we will provide the supplies. (For stratas, please get approval from your Strata Council first.)






May through September

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