Streambank Clean-ups

From time to time areas of Stoney Creek and its tributaries are used to dump garbage, old furniture and various other objects that can harm the fish and  wildlife that live in the Stoney Creek Watershed. More recently, it has also seen  abandoned camps and stolen property, as well as graffiti which has destroyed much of the signage that was installed to educate the passing public about the sensitive fish habitat.

Big clean-up jobs are referred to the City of Burnaby staff, but much of the day-to-day clean-up is completed by SCEC volunteers. This work is particularly important before the salmon begin to return each fall to ensure that the creek and its tributaries are clear for their annual migration.


What you can expect to see and hear

Volunteers take rakes, pickers and garbage bags and work along specific areas of the creek to remove any debris they find, noting any item that is too large to move. The garbage is then collected and removed, or put in a specific location for City pick-up.





Usually from April to August

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