Scarf, wool socks, double gloves, long johns, sunglasses, bird book AND binoculars … ready set count!

Dec. 21, 2013, minus four degrees Celsius, snow on ground, eighteen species seen, five birders, two hour and fifteen minute round trip starting from Beaverbrook Crescent and Beaverbrook Drive in Burnaby. Ten pair of eyes staring, legs bending, and necks swiveling as we try to keep track of the little grey fluff ball jumping here and there in amongst the branches. What is it?  Does it have an eye ring?  Bars on wings?  Any other colouring?

Photo by Wendy Snyder

Photo by Wendy Snyder


Page flipping, fingers freezing, snow dripping, glasses streaking, hearts a thumping – it’s, it’s … a Hutton’s Vireo! Confirmation of identification on page 319 – Stokes Field Guide to Birds.

Come learn with us.

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