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British Columbia
Environmental Emergency Program

1 800 663 3456

Phone this number first.
They can direct you who to contact next. Ask for the Dangerous Goods Incident Report number (DGIR #) and provide it on following calls.



City of Burnaby

604 294 7200 (24 Hours)


604 294 7850

Supply the DGIR # to the City and send any photos to

City of Coquitlam

604 927 3500 (24 Hours)

If you suspect that the source of contamination is upstream of the Rathburn culvert, under North Road at Rathburn Drive, then you would phone the City of Coquitlam.

Send any photos to


We need your help!

Stoney Creek is one of the most important salmon spawning streams in the Brunette River system. In 2021/2022 Stoney Creek was listed on The BC Endangered Urban Rivers List, published by the Outdoor Recreation Council of BC.​ If you witness discolouration of the water, dead or dying fish, or raw sewage on nearby streets, first contact authorities. It would help us if you also filled out the Stoney Creek Environment Committee’s Incident Report (below) so we can record these events.