Provincial Emergency Program: 1.800.663.3456
(Emergency Call 24 hours)

For salmon to continue to live in Stoney Creek, they need clean water. Please report immediately if you see toxic spills, dirty water or small dead or dying fish. Heavy siltation from runoff in the fall and winter may cover and smother eggs.

OTHER Contacts

Burnaby Environmental Services: 604.294.7200
Coquitlam Environmental Services: 604.927.3500

Department of Fisheries and Oceans Observe, Record, Report Line: 1.800.465.4336
or in greater Vancouver: 604.607.4186


Follow up with an email and photos:


Let them know What you observed Where, and When. Use the numbers on the map to locate the incident. Keep records of when and who you talked to and the case number they gave you.