Water Quality Testing

Water quality has been monitored in Stoney Creek since 1998 to help identify sources of stream pollution, as well as evaluate changes in the creek’s water quality over time. In the past, samples were collected at key locations or set stations by individuals on a regular basis and then analyzed for physical and chemical parameters. Since 2018, we have had a data-logger situated in the upper reaches of Tributary 3A, particularly to monitor salt content. This is monitored and data downloaded on a regular basis.

As salt contamination has been an issue of concern in Stoney Creek, we correlated our measurements with the water’s salt content, which results from road salt storage and use at SFU.See the recent reports on Road Salt and Salmon.

With success, we hope to bring in additional data-loggers to provide coverage of key areas on the creek and its tributaries.


What you can expect to see and hear

The data-logger is monitored by two volunteers who can download and interpret the data. From time to time we also take manual samples from specific location and that requires using a ….


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Road Salt and Salmon


Jenn and Alan (data-logger)
John (manual samples)




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